Friday, March 11, 2011

Sleeping Without Underwear is Better for Health

Sleeping is a very important process for the body. Ii is not only about taking a rest, but there are improvement processes in all organs of the body while human sleep. What people should know is that they are advised not to wear any underwear when they are sleeping. Why? because by releasing underwear while we are sleeping, we will give the body a chance to ‘breath’ during the repairing process when we sleep.

During a sleep, your body will rests its muscles. But there are other important processes which happens to the body when we sleep. During sleep the body is repaired and detoxified (remove toxins). Sleep also gives an opportunity for the immune system to produce immunity hormones (immune system).

Because of the important processes which occurs while we are sleeping, it is advised that people should use a loose-fitting clothing or remove clothing while sleeping, so it can accelerate the performance of the body in the repair process.

For women, is is advised not to wear a bra while sleeping. Scientist Sydney Singer and his wife Soma Grismaijer in 1991, wrote a book ‘Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras’, the book states that women who wants to avoid breast cancer should wear a bra in the shortest time as possible and preferably less than 12 hours per day.

“The best time to rest breast without a bra is during sleep. Do not sleep with a bra,” said Sydney Singer, according to chetday.

According to Sydney Singer, use a bra for too long can increase the temperature of breast tissue and women who wear bras have higher levels of prolactin hormones (hormone that functions to stimulate the milk glands). Both of these can affect the formation of breast cancer.

Besides that, using bra to often or wearing bras that are too tight are dangerous to health because it can also restrict the flow of lymph in the breast. Normally, lymph fluid washes waste material and other toxins, and also remove them from the breast.

As for men, they should use a loose underwear or should not wear any at all. This is to give opportunity for the testes (testicles) to reduce its temperature which will maintain the quality of the sperm.

Male reproductive organs are outside the body, so it is influenced by the condition and clothing around it. If a man wears tight pants or underwear for too long, it will increase the temperature around the reproductive organ and will certainly affect sperm production.

Testis can not function properly unless the temperature is colder than other body parts. If the testicular temperature is raised to 98 degrees F (36.67 degrees C), it will stop producing sperm.

When production is interrupted, then the negative impact could last for months. It can lower sperm count, cause sperms to die and affect the morphology of the sperm itself.

Besides that, sleep without wearing underwear allows air to be evenly distributed, so that body heat can be properly distributed.

This will smooth the body’s circulatory system. It is estimated that sleeping with underwear on can restrict air flow in the skin and interfere with the evaporation of perspiration, especially in intimate parts of both women and men.